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Case Study 2.1: Yvonne Marie Andres - Global SchoolNet

The Global Educator - Case Study 2.1

Yvonne Marie Andres - Global SchoolNet

We are now moving into the second section of The Global Educator which is about 'Leadership for Global Education'

The first Case Study in this section is a woman I have admired for over 20 years and have known personally for nearly 20 years. In brief, Dr. Yvonne Marie Andres is President/Co-founder of Global and founder of iPoPP (International Projects or Partners Place). She is the creator of International CyberFair and US State Department’s Doors to Diplomacy programs, has met with President Bush to launch the Friendship Through Education Initiative, and speaks at conferences worldwide. Dr. Andres was named one of 25 most influential people worldwide in education technology for her innovative e-learning projects, involving 5 million students from 194 countries. 

Whenever I feel discouraged about the state of the world and the slow uptake of online global collaborative learning in schools I come back to the work of Yvonne and her words of wisdom and her dedicated work across so many areas. She is one of my all time gurus - I hope you feel the same way!

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Some gems from the interview/case study material
  • Yvonne's definition of global collaboration "authentic, content-driven, project-based learning that involves the contributions of global partners" and "Global collaboration is more than simply having pen pals, or a Skype call; the project means there are some measurable goals and learning"
  • Why is it important to focus on the 'global'? According to Yvonne, "Focusing on the ‘global’ is the moral and ethical and logical approach to education. It’s almost unimaginable that we are not preparing young people to live in a world where they can collaborate with and learn from one another"
  • And...about educators and understanding of global collaboration, Yvonne says, "Educators do not understand how to collaborate in a meaningful way. Some have gone through Google training for example and are beginning to understand the tools and techniques and methodology. It’s a very small percentage of teachers doing this. 
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In Yvonne's words.....

When I contacted Yvonne recently to ask about any updated information or opportunities for global connections and collaborations she shared that there are 3 upcoming global collaborative project opportunities that are accepting new participants.
  1. International Cyberfair 2018 - (This was the very first global project I ever completed with students in 1996 - make sure you take a look - it just gets better and better)  
  2. Global Forest Link: May the Forest be with you - An exciting opportunity to connect students through Global Forest Watch
  3. LGBTQ History Student Film Makers Competition 2018 - A Facebook portal supports this unique collaboration
Make sure you also explore the Global SchoolNet website and the Project registry - current and archived projects are available. Global Educators wanting to find others and also wanting to learn about global project design are encouraged to spend some time in there. 

Below, the video 'Opening Doors to Collaboration' was produced by the Global SchoolNet in 2014. Enjoy....and share!


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The short Animoto below shares some of the highlights of the ISTE 2016 conference when I was able to share the book across different events, including the ISTE opening ceremony. 

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