Thursday, August 17, 2017

Case Study 1.6: Lizzie Hudson - Being an International Educator

The Global Educator - Case Study 1.6

Lizzie Hudson - Being an International Educator

Originally from the USA, Lizzie and her husband have taught overseas for more than 10 years and between them have taught in Korea, Hong Kong, Honduras, Thailand and Colombia. She now works in Malaysia at IGB International School and continues to push the limits of digital technologies.

Lizzie responded to my call for global educators and willingly wrote a case study sharing her enthusiasm for the lifestyle and opportunities teaching internationally provides. She continues to work in Malaysia and share via Twitter her classroom learning.

Readers of this blog and of The Global Educator take note that a global educator like Lizzie is your best source of information regarding teaching beyond your home country - take advantage of this - reach out, connect your classrooms and build global understanding. Lizzie also completed the COETAIL course so is a point of reference for what this offers - read her blog to find out more!

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This is the sixth post in what will be a 36-week series featuring the 36 case studies from my book, 'The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning and Teaching'. This book was published by the International Society for technology in Education in July 2016. The book contains contributions from over 100 educators and case studies featuring over 50 educators.

Read more about The Global Educator and find out where to purchase the hard copy and eBook/ePub versions.

The short Animoto below shares some of the highlights of the ISTE 2016 conference when I was able to share the book across different events, including the ISTE opening ceremony. 

Julie Lindsay is the author of The Global Educator, and of this blog. 
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