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Case Study 1.1: Anne Mirtschin - The World is my Classroom

 The Global Educator - Case Study 1.1

Anne Mirtschin - The World is my Classroom

Anne Mirtschin is an award-winning teacher from Victoria, Australia whose most recent awards are the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association President’s Award 2015 and the prestigious International Society for Technology in Education “Making IT Happen” Award. She teaches ICT from Grade 3 through to Year 12 at Hawkesdale P12 College, a small rural Prep to Year 12 school and is passionate about rural and global education and immersing technology in the classroom. Anne is the Australasian coordinator for the Global Education Conference, an active member of Flat Connections projects and live events, and a lead teacher for Global Classroom Projects. She has presented locally, nationally, and internationally on global education and technology in the classroom. 

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In her case study Anne shares how she overcomes challenges to global collaboration; how to prepare and scaffold for online collaboration; how connecting with the world has changed the ecology of her school; and shares words of advice for others.

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Updates from Anne .... since the book was written.....

  • Anne's school has continued to review how it uses and interacts with technology tools and she reports YouTube is no longer blocked as most teachers now use this as a learning resource on a daily or weekly basis
  • Facebook continues to be blocked at the school - at the Principal's request, not because of bandwidth issues
  • Anne has a new goal to find students/schools from other countries to work with her students to develop video games to highlight global problems
In Anne's words,  
"Student's believe that they can solve the problems of the world. If we help them to develop a global network and teach them how to collaborate then they may well do so!"

Anne accepting the "Making IT Happen" award at ISTE 2017

 Anne with other Australian educators at ISTE in San Antonio 2017 (Karen Binns, Martin Levins, Tina Photakis)

This is the first post in what will be a 36-week series featuring the 36 case studies from my book, 'The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning and Teaching'. This book was published by the International Society for technology in Education in July 2016. The book contains contributions from over 100 educators and case studies featuring over 50 educators.

Read more about The Global Educator and find out where to purchase the hard copy and eBook/ePub versions.
The short Animoto below shares some of the highlights of the ISTE 2016 conference when I was able to share the book across different events, including the ISTE opening ceremony. 

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