Sunday, June 12, 2016

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

  • The 2016 NMC Technology Outlook for Australian Tertiary Education: A Horizon Project Regional Report reflects a collaborative research effort between the New Media Consortium (NMC) and Open Universities Australia to inform Australian campus leaders and decision-makers about significant developments in technologies supporting teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in tertiary education across the continent. The expert panel identified 9 key trends, 9 significant challenges, and 12 important developments in educational technology.

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  • Presentation by Julie Lindsay at the Education Nation conference, Sydney 2016

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  • Are we giving young people the best chance of success and happiness in a changing economy and society? How is our future - and indeed our present - unlike the past? How can we shape an education for every student that engages them deeply in their learning and prepares them for the world beyond school? The case for change animation and slide deck have been developed to support school leaders and teachers to engage in a discussion with colleagues, parents, students and the broader community about how we can best engage, challenge and support students in their learning.

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  • The Design Thinking toolkit is designed to guide you through the process of implementing Design Thinking in your school. If you are a school leader, you may like to use this toolkit with your whole staff as a strategy for change within the school or you may choose to work with particular teams around a pre-determined focus issue. It can be used by teachers, either working with a group or individually, as a strategy for approaching a particular issue either within their own classroom or as part of a team within the school.

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