Saturday, November 15, 2014

Students present on global learning and more! - Global Education Conference 2014

The Global Education Conference is next week, November 17-21, 2014.

Right now (less then 3 days before starting) we have:
  • 250 general sessions 
  • 33 keynotes, or maybe 34 now
  • 20,347 members in the educational community!

Not sure about you, but I am planning to attend as much as I can - and learn from as many as I can. This conference is TOTALLY ONLINE, TOTALLY FREE and runs 24/7 for FIVE DAYS. There is something for everyone! The focus is on global education, global learning, global collaboration and how teachers and all learners are shifting the educational paradigm to embrace change through global connections that are often embedded into the curriculum (at all levels).

The Global Education Conference (now in its 5th year!) is a special event as it highlights innovation and cutting edge pedagogy, often with the use of new and emerging technologies. It provides inspiration to many educators globally as they hear and interact with teachers and leaders who are already out there connecting themselves and their students to the world. If you are a teacher or a leader (at any level) who wants to learn how to connect with the world in meaningful ways you MUST join some sessions and learn more.

A word about the sessions - each session runs for ONE HOUR - and presenters usually build in discussion and interaction activities. Being virtual it is easy to come in and out of the presentation rooms - and each time slot has at least 3 choices - so you can find the presentation that aligns with your needs and settle in to enjoy!

The Student Strand this year has grown and I wish to send a special thank you in advance to all teachers and students willing to step up and design a presentation that shares your global learning. We have a Student Presenters and Presentations group - everyone is welcome to join, especially students and teachers involved in the student strand presentations. Share your resources and links to your presentation material there well.

Here is the list of Student-led presentations (if I have missed any, please let me know!)

BTW - this list is in GMT+11 (my time here in Australia). Find YOUR time zone HERE.
Those highlighted in yellow are from Flat Connections teachers and students - Flat Connections is a sponsor of GEC 2014.

Tuesday 3pm
A Virtual Trip to Asia
Paramita Roy and students in Gr 6 and 8 (Julie to moderate)

Wednesday 2am
Service Learning for Highs School Students
Max Bone - Student

Wednesday 4am
Students as Tech Support
Kern Kelley

Thursday 2am
FlippingPD - Pre-Service Teachers Teaching Teachers Globally
Eva Brown
This session features students at the university level!

Thursday 12pm
A Student-Led Virtual Technology Conference? A New Model for Collaboration!
Marymount School of New York - Students

Thursday 11pm
Global Collaboration - The Student Perspective
Amy Jambor & Sheri Williams and students from Berea District, Ohio (Julie moderating)

Thursday 12pm
A Student-Led Virtual Technology Conference? A New Model for Collaboration!
Student Technology Leadership Team Marymount School of New York

Friday 3am
Students Presenting A Week in the Life - Environmental Issues
Toni Olivieri-Barton, Laura Israelsen, Cindy Nickodam and students

Friday 9am
Digiteen/Digitween - Global Digital Citizenship Project
Theresa Allen and Helen McConaghy and students (Julie moderating)

Friday 12pm
The World is Our Classroom
Anne Mirtschin and Grade 7 students (Julie moderating)

Friday 9pm
Social Entrepreneurship: The Student Voice
Sharon Brown-Peters and students

Saturday 3am
Student Stories in a Solar Cooking Project
Kathy Bosiak and students Lincolnton High School

See also my selected list of not only student presentations, but personal selections for GEC - it may help you CHOOSE where to be!

Don't forget to tweet about the conference and add the hashtag for International Education Week #IEW14 in addition to #globaled14. The GEC handle is @globaledcon

See you online in a session next week!

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