Saturday, January 25, 2014

Global Learning and Collaboration - Key Ideas and Themes

I had the opportunity to speak briefly with a group of teachers at SHORE School in North Sydney this week about global learning and collaboration. SHORE is well-established and quite traditional boys school. They will be hosting the Flat Connections Conference in June 2014, where students and teachers from around the world will gather for a 3-day event that includes using emerging technologies, action project development and global collaborative curriculum design.

In the time we had at SHORE this week I focused on three main strands, with conversation pauses at regular intervals:
  • Global understanding
  • Collaborative learning
  • Leadership creativity
We talked about the technology needed to scaffold connected learning, and the digital citizenship habits and understandings. It was clear from conversations that access to technology, as in many schools, is one challenge at SHORE that teachers need to have more conversations about. School owned desktop PCs and iPads are available to teachers and they are not permitted to put their personal device on the network at this stage. Students do not have an individual mobile device for learning yet.

Like many schools in Australia, and across the world, there are some important next steps that SHORE need to consider. Mobile and ubiquitous technology in conjunction with cloud computing for all learners (students and teachers) is a priority to meet 21st Century learning and living needs. This takes planning and implementation. Conversations at this stage are important for teachers to realise the potential and to start to understand how a digital learning environment can support now pedagogy.

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