Monday, October 14, 2013

Global Youth Debates - New Logo - Fresh invitation to join us!

Global Youth Debates is less than 2 months old and already it has it's own website and logo and the debates start this week!

The Advisory Board have been working hard in the background to bring a curriculum-based global experience to schools across the world. This year our theme is 'Sustainability' and our current topic - Using plastic water bottles does more harm than good.

We are excited to launch into practice debates this coming week, organised by our Project Manager Eva Brown. See the timeline for the whole year flow of debates and celebrations. We also have our Collaboration and Community facilitator, Aaron Maurer creating a welcoming community within Edmodo for students across the world to connect and converse.

In addition our Lead Teachers from Red River College have been preparing and running online bootcamps in how to use Diigo and Voicethread - both essential tools fro research and communication/debates in this project.

This week our Debating Coach, Marcia Alessi, will be starting the first of 2 Judges Training sessions to prepare judges to evaluate each online debate and to provide rich feedback in a timely manner.

Two major updates for consideration - please join us now!
  1. We are still accepting more debate teams from schools for this semester. Practice debates start this week.....but the main Round 1 bracket does not start until the end of October. We need more teams for both the younger (Gr 5/6-8) and the older (Gr 9-12) sections - it is NOT too late to join us!
  2. We are inviting interested judges to sign up again now and be part of the training. This is a good time to jump in again!

APPLICATION FORM - for both classrooms/debate teams and judges. Judges please note, just put n/a on any question that does not apply to you.

Questions? Please refer to our Contacts page and get in touch - we want to hear from you.

Julie Lindsay

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