Monday, February 18, 2013

Become a Virtual Participant at the Flat Classroom® Conference 2013!

This is one of the most exciting parts of being at a Flat Classroom Conference - the fact that the walls are really flat and the learning environment includes those in front of you and others who are virtually attending.

The Flat Classroom Conference March 7-10 2013, Japan is not exception. We are working hard in the background to bring the conference to the world and the world to the conference. Way back in 2009 at our inaugural Flat Classroom live event we brought Tom Friedman in via remote connection as well as Don Tapscott. We also had Steve Hargadon helping us organise this, alongside other colleagues in other parts of the world who were viewing and interacting with us. It was exciting to share students pitches and presentations, it was exciting to have virtual participants vote on ideas most likely to succeed.

Since then we have refined our approach and now we include virtual team members - both student and teacher. Teachers can also get graduate credit from SUNY, as well as learning more about the tools and pedagogy for flattening the classroom walls. Collaborative tools, video streaming and backchannel tools, Twitter chat and Google hangouts - you will see it all at this event!

We invite readers of this post to learn more about being a Virtual Participant at the Flat Classroom Conference Japan. Application form HERE. We also invite you to come to our Virtual Participation Kickoff online meeting - February 19/20. All details on the
Ning Event announcement!
Kate Gatto, Education Program Manager from Taking IT Global will also be at the kickoff to share how Flat Classroom and TigEd are joining once again to bring a social media portal to those joining and interacting with the conference.

Don't forget, when you go flat, you never go back!

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