Sunday, December 02, 2012

Flat Classroom Project for Teachers - Concept and Practice

As part of our Flat Classroom Certified Teacher course (FCCT), revamped for this semester, we are asking teachers to actually complete their OWN mini-Flat Classroom Project. We realised that completing our course over 14 weeks, reading our Flattening Classrooms book, completing the Flat Classroom 15 Challenges and connecting and communicating was good....but not enough for educators to REALLY understand what it means to collaborate and co-create.

So, similar to the Flat Classroom Project, see the FCP12-2 current project as well, teachers were put into mixed teams (Friedman flatteners), across different themes (Pink's themes) and collaborated on research to share on a wiki, then created a personal piece of multimedia (based on their topic and theme) and inserted an outsourced clip from another team member.

Here are some examples to see what I mean.

Barb's video - Social Entrepreneurship and PLE's

Jason Graham - also Social Entrepreneurship and PLE's - but quite different to Barb's

Caroline Black talks about Social Entrepreneurship and PLEs
Julie Balen's is about tackling PLEs from the Innovation, Invention and Prediction angle.
Helen CcConaghy The Education of Generation G shares how games and gamification can improve learning.
Lisette Casey shares her insights into Tablets in Education.
Tasha Cowdy - Tablet Computers in Early Childhood Talks about changing how young people communicate with the world through their CLN - Class Learning Network.

Tablet computing in Early Years education from tasha cowdy on Vimeo.

Yvonne Caples share through Transatlantic Journey 3.0  about communication and productivity with a mobile device.

Well done to the FCCT 12-1 cohort! They are also about to do their final presentations to complete the course. These are on their new global project designs. Everyone is welcome to attend as they are part of our Future Learning Action Talks (F.L.A.T.s). The next FLAT is on December 6, please join us online to hear about progressive global project design and ideas to flatten the classroom. You can find all FLATs listed as events on the Flat Classrooms (educators) Ning.

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