Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Wonderful World of ISTE - Did you know?

Are you an ISTE Member? Do you know what ISTE is? 

The International Society for Technology in Education is one of the leading organisations in the world for educators at all levels to learn about how to use technology for education. It is also a lot more than that!

As an ISTE Board member (International Representative), and as an ISTE Ambassador (Asian Region), my relationship with ISTE gives me a unique advantage to promote and encourage others from all over the world to come and see what ISTE can do to support educational needs. These needs may be in the classroom, in educational leadership, in administration, at the state or national level, or in fact at a more ubiquitous level across countries and educational systems. Whatever you need, ISTE provides essential resources, communities and opportunities to learn with and from the best.

Here are some recent examples now of how ISTE also provides resources and opportunities for learning and participation.

Want to learn more about ISTE? I invite you to browse the ISTE website, join the communities I listed above, and in addition come and join the conversation starting around my ISTE Ambassador areas on the ISTE Community Ning.

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