Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Book Finally Arrived in Beijing!

At last, after 2 false alarms in the past 2 days, 'the book' finally was delivered by UPS to my school in Beijing. There was excitement as I got the message from reception during morning break, and my daughter, Violet, and I rushed down. I opened the box there and then, just to be sure, and then grabbed it and rushed up the stairs to my husband's office. He grabbed the camera, then Violet took some pictures, and here is the evidence below. 

Finally I have in my hand 5 years of effort in the making, and 3 years in production, 'Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time', THE BOOK, the THING that has caused much stress, tears, lack of sleep, soul searching and everything in between. THE BOOK that is not just a textbook, it is a journey of exploration into learning and teaching, it is a life journey across 6 countries as an international teacher, it is a journey taken first of all by my friend Vicki Davis and me in the creating and the writing, and now a journey that you can all take as we share it with you. 



D. Jenson said...

Congrats with your book. The cover looks good. Can this book be orded form abroad?

Julie Lindsay said...

Yes, details about where to order are linked from the website http://flatclassroombook.com Thanks for dropping by my blog!