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  • "Education Beyond Borders is a non-profit NGO devoted to closing the education divide through teacher professional development and community education. We are focused on advancing and supporting the movement for educators and advocates for education to do our part in supporting our colleagues and their students in disadvantaged regions here at home and around the world."

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  • Article by By Andrew Marcinek in Edutopia. (Makes sense to me!)

    In education, technology is simply a new tool that is helping drive the content. Teachers are, and will always be, necessary. Classrooms are still a good place to provide direct instruction. And yes, direct instruction is STILL relevant and necessary, however, there should be a balance between DI and independent...(insert the newest buzzword here).
    Meet the Parents

    My solution to all of this...invite the parents to the social networking in your classroom. Let them be a part of the process, the analysis, and the reflection. Use social networking in your classroom to your advantage. Make it completely transparent and allow parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to participate in the learning. Before this can happen, you need to train them.

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  • ICT in Education conference, Qatar March 2010.

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  • A comparison bw these 2 social bookmarking tools by Involvement and Interactivity in Teaching

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  • From On an e-journey with generation Y with Anne Mirtschin

    Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis were the guest presenters on eT@lking. These two innovative, creative, forward thinking teachers have created the Flat Classroom Projects. They have won many awards for their work and I love their mottos:- “Creating the Future” and “Building the Bridges of today that the society of tomorrow will walk across.” In this session, Vicki and Julie spoke about what is a flat classroom, how do you know when you have one, levels of collaboration and the seven steps to flatten your classroom. New projects will be commencing soon and there is Flat Classroom Leadership Workshop and Summit coming up in Feb 2011 in Beijing, China.

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