Monday, November 02, 2009

Join the Flat Classroom Workshop in India, 2010

The next Flat Classroom Workshop will be held in Mumbai next February at the ASB Unplugged Conference. If you are interested in joining us, classrooms globally are invited to apply to bring students. Read the details on the Flat Classroom Conference wiki and then fill in the online Registration form. Deadline is November 15th for applications.

Why should you bother to bring students and educators to a 'Flat Classroom Workshop?'
The recent success at the Flat Classroom Workshop in Hong Kong, blogged about me here and here and by Kim Cofino here, shows how a project-based action workshop is pedagogically significant and provides a learning adventure into 21st Century working modes using emerging technologies.

Vicki Davis and I are joining forces along with our friend and colleague, Bernajean Porter, to run an amazing event in Mumbai and know this is going to be a great success, just as the original Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar was last January. However we do need cultural diversity and we do need forward looking schools to seize this opportunity to sign up and bring students to Mumbai.

Need more information?
We invite you read student and teacher comments and view more multimedia reflections at 'Flat Classroom Participants Speak Up'.


Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Conference
Anne Mirtschin, flat classroom teacher and advisor, put together this video based on the 'three words' request from participants in Qatar's event.

Flat Classroom live events are significant because:
- they immerse participants in addressing a global issue in a project-based format
- they use emerging technologies and Web 2.0 tools to connect, communicate and collaborate
- they not only talk about flattened learning modes but practice them e.g. including virtual participants, live video streaming sessions to the world, use of a globally available backchannel
- they encourage students and teachers to work alongside each other with a common goal
- they foster digital citizenship and digital literacy
- they promote best practice methods for coming up with ideas, pitching those ideas and turning them into viable solutions to identified problems

Are you convinced now this is THE workshop to be involved with? The place to bring students for cultural interaction and a chance to hone in on a global issue and use emerging technologies to solve it as a learning community?
OK, now read the details on the Flat Classroom Conference wiki and then fill in the online Registration form.
Deadline is November 15th for applications.

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