Sunday, July 05, 2009

Across My Desk (weekly)

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Unknown said...

E-learning is definitely the future of education. Check out my new website which focused on English grammar and vocabulary tutoring, with special lessons tailored to SAT and standardized test preparation. We also want to target ESL. The site is receiving its finishing touches before being released to the public. Let me know what you think. THANKS!

Hoops Teacher said...

I just want to say that your blogspot is fantastic! I'm a graduate student (education) from the University of Michigan and I'm beginning to explore the world of technology in the classroom. And I'm certain that your blog is going to be a wonderful resource.
Cheers: )

Julie Lindsay said...

Thanks Peter for sharing your website, I will explore this with a view to sharing it with English language teachers.

'Hoops teacher', thank you for your encouraging comments about my blog. I try to make my blog relevant to classroom education as well as leadership. Good luck with your studies.

Character Education said...

Thanks for sharing us this useful information, as we are going to improve our life style in every walk of life, we really need to improve these things as well, i think there should be some training programs for teachers and parents as well, because if they are trained in e-learning they can better teach our children, thanks for giving us this chance to share our ideas with public.