Friday, May 29, 2009

Come to Hong Kong and join the Flat Classroom Workshop

Press release May 29, 2009 -

Flat Classroom Workshop at 21C Learning Conference Hong Kong

Co-founders of the Flat Classroom Project and the Flat Classroom Conference, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, announce the Flat Classroom Workshop as a strand of the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong.
The theme of the conference is 'Extending tomorrow's leaders with digital learning' and will be held at the Hong Kong International School Tai Tam Campus, Thursday, September 17th - Saturday September 19th 2009.

This exciting student-based strand will give attendees an authentic experience in seeing 21st Century Learning in action, something lacking from other education for a new century conferences. Facilitators Julie Lindsay and Kim Cofino have a wealth of experience in engaging students in authentic, global projects so this strand will be a big highlight of the conference. Read the full press release......

International Participants
Non-Hong Kong schools are warmly encouraged to attend as this event is designed to celebrate diversity and model best-practice global collaboration. International students will be billeted (hosted) in Hong Kong student homes. Registration costs will be kept to a minimum for student and teacher participation in this event.

This is a chance for a school to send a team to Hong Kong with the aim of learning how to flatten their classrooms walls while working in a flattened learning environment, teacher and student together. It is suggested that teams consist of 1-2 teachers and 3-4 students. More details available on the 21C Learning conference website including a PDF handout to share with administrators and your wider school community.

Contact Julie Lindsay at and fill in this form with expressions of interest and to receive more details about the workshop.

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