Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ask Abdullah.......A Grade 8 student talks about emerging technologies

Abdullah is a Grade 8 student at Qatar Academy. He is a member of the QA Student Tech Team and is an all round tech guru. He is also part of what Don Tapscott refers to as the 'Net Generation' or a 'Net Gener' I took this video of Abdullah recently after asking him to talk about where he thought mobile computing was going and should be going in education.

He talks with great authority about modular devices, iPods, mobile computing, and more! His knowledge of games for education is also impressive. In particular I like the list of uses he has for the iPod Touch. After hearing this there is no doubt in my mind everyone in a school should have one!

This is what I love about being in a K-12 environment, being part of this learning. If we can persuade Abdullah to talk more about his experiences with technology what would you like to ask him?

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Anonymous said...

If I had this young man as a tutor, I would run right out and buy a "ipodtouch".
He is a very convincing salesperson.

Maddy said...

Wow, it's amazing what people can know and learn these days. It's also amazing that one device, one device, can do things that would take six to do.

If you could persuade him, I would ask:

1) Where did you get all of your experience?


2) Are there any technologies similar to the iPhone and the iPod Touch that have similar features and can do many of the same things?

Thanks for putting this up!