Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Moving Finger Writes....even in Qatar!

Today the Australian class, 1 teacher and 3 students, arrived for the Flat Classroom Conference. It was wonderful inviting them into our home, our school and our lives to share with them what we do here in Qatar. Anne Mirtschin wrote a 'sensory' post about her experiences coming to Doha. She also shared a few pics taken throughout the day as we visited the current Flat Classroom Project 2009-1 class here at Qatar Academy and worked on preparing registration bags etc for the event in 3 days.

Find more photos like this on Flat Classroom Conference

I also want to share this article I found today from the Boston Times, 'Cursive, foiled again', that starts off with "We email, we text, we Twitter - what will become of handwriting", then discusses rationally the evolution of handwriting and the inevitable move to digital communication modes, but with the need to preserve handwriting as an art and as an historical reminder of how life used to be.

A final quote: "The moving finger writes," says the famous Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, "and, having writ, moves on." Nowadays, the finger more likely is hammering away on a computer keyboard, texting on a cellphone, or Twittering on a BlackBerry."

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