Sunday, November 02, 2008

Embedded Flatness - The Flat Classrooms Project 08 Keynote

We invite you to view the Keynote produced by Terry Freedman for the Flat Classroom Project 2008. There is also a Keynote wiki page on the project website where Terry not only shares the final version of the video script, but the original version as well....including some interesting pictures of someone that may be Terry for a 'few' years back.

Terry's concept of 'embedded flatness' is clearly described with excellent examples. The keynote itself is personal and relevant, aimed at the students, gives doable advice, provides an insight into research and 'government thinking' and provides a perspective of what life is like in the real world beyond schools.

A couple of Terry comments:
"As I’m writing this script, there are people in my personal network popping up in Skype and Twitter. In the last 15 minutes, I’ve chatted with people from the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and China. I’m having conversations with them, and giving information to them, and receiving some back. More importantly, the conversations I’m having with them are mostly unplanned and casual – the same kind of conversation I’d be having if I bumped into them in the street. That’s what I mean by embedded."

"What this project is helping you develop is a set of skills that will help you throughout your life. These are skills like:

· Being able to collaborate with others.

· Carrying out research on your own.

· Managing your own time.

· Working well as part of a team.

· Playing an effective part in the project.

· Reflecting on what you’ve learnt.

· Thinking creatively."

Thanks Terry for your time and effort. I hope you get a chance to interact with the students on the wiki as they watch the keynote.

I also invite the reader of this blog post to explore Terry's online resources further and to fill in a survey he is conducting on collaborative projects. I really like this recent artcle of Terry's 'Be Very Afraid' where he talks to teachers and students and shares the videos he has made of them enthusiastically describing their work.

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