Monday, October 27, 2008

Flat Classroom Conference 2009 - Register Now!

Grade 9, 10 and 11 students involved with the conference from Qatar Academy with Julie Lindsay (Head of IT), Greg Hedger (Director QA), HSBC Bank representative and Ray Jones (Flat Classroom teacher QA) during the signing of the agreement for sponsorship for the Flat Classroom Conference, January 24-26, 200

Very exciting times here in Qatar! Plans for the Flat Classroom Conference are progressing well, with the usual minor glitches, however we are all very pleased with the international and local response so far. My meeting with ICT Qatar went well last week and I have a follow-up meeting next week to discuss local involvement further and how we can support this.

We are extending the registration closing date until Monday November 3 for international participants. After that the registration rate and hotel rate will rise. See the conference website for more details. Already we have registration from educators around the world. We have also offered scholarships to students and teachers from 7 countries to attend the event.

This afternoon we signed the agreement with HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, who have generously supported both the Student Summit and the Leadership Workshop. We have also started a conference Ning, and invite virtual participation globally. On the Ning I am ambitiously creating a photographic count-down to the conference via a daily blog post. My aim is to show a variety of scenes and images from with Qatar and to encourage participation by sharing the normalcy, and yet uniqueness that is pertinent to this country.

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Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

My students and I are so excited, Julie! We cannot wait. Thank you for your dream and vision of this!!! You are amazing!

murcha said...

What a wonderful effort and how exciting for us, also, that we may be able to be present at the conference.

Anonymous said...


This event looks wonderful...:)

Opportunities to connect with teachers/learners from across the globe can only help to shift the narrative... wish we had the resources to attend... but will look forward to tracking the conversations from afar...

Good luck,

Julie Lindsay said...

@vicki, @murch and @Jeff
Thanks for your supportive comments and excitement. Just got word today the class from Ethiopia are definitely coming with 3 teachers and 4 students..I know we are going to have a fantastic opportunity to make bridges and forge links..and we will be inviting the virtual community in to be part of this as well.