Friday, August 29, 2008

Announcing: Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar!

Hang onto your hats! This is exciting news and we have been working in the background getting this ready for release.
Here it is, our inaugural Flat Classroom Conference: Leadership Workshop and Student Summit. Yes, we are combining educators, leaders and students in a powerful event that will provide an educationally flattening experience for all participants.

Full details available on Flat Classroom Conference website.
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Press release
August 29, 2008 - Doha, Qatar - Flat Classroom Project co-founders Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis in conjunction with Qatar Academy and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) announce the first Flat Classroom Leadership Workshop and Student Summit to be held January 24-26, 2009 at Qatar Academy in Doha.
This event is targeted to teachers and students of past, current and future 'flat classroom' collaborations as well as Information Technology teachers and Directors and school administrators who are responsible for pedagogical development with ICT in their schools.

Two strands: 'Leadership Workshop' and 'Student Summit' will meet separately and in combined sessions to discuss best practice and promote global collaborative leadership as part of a global flat classroom.
Participants will be given the opportunity to develop leadership skills in using information technology, particularly Web 2.0 tools, to connect, communicate and collaborate.

The conference will take place in the city of Doha, State of Qatar, with sessions hosted by Qatar Academy. The conference objectives include:
  1. To provide an opportunity for participants and supporters of the Flat Classroom Project and it's sister, the High School Horizon Project to have an educational and cultural exchange via an organized gathering.
  2. To promote connection and understanding between geographically dispersed ethnically and culturally diverse groups of students in meaningful, global cooperative authentic learning experiences.
  3. To focus on enhancing digital citizenship and fostering best practice methods for online learning in ways that can be shared synchronously and asynchronously with other schools around the world.
  4. To provide further opportunity for pedagogical development using emerging ICT and creation tools in differing modes.
  5. To promote leadership skills for 21st century learning amongst participants of all ages with an increasing leadership role for students in education practice.
  6. To provide an opportunity for participants to explore and experience what it means to learn in a 'flat classroom' with extensive involvement from students and teachers
  7. To advance our approach to the next stage in the establishment of educationally viable and valued global classroom(s) and all this means for relationship building and the development of independent and cultural learning for teachers and students.
The conference format will be plenary sessions with keynotes and 'flat classroom' opportunities as well as summit and leadership strands with round table discussions, hands-on workshops, and panel discussions.

Confirmed presenters and workshop leaders include:
  • Don Knezek (CEO, ISTE) and Lynn Nolan (Senior Strategic Initiatives Officer, ISTE)
  • Vicki Davis (IT Director Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia, USA), Flat Classroom Project Co-founder
  • Julie Lindsay (Head of Information Technology and E-Learning, Qatar Academy, Doha), Flat Classroom Project Co-founder
  • Dr John Turner - Flat Classroom teacher and leader, PLC, Melbourne Australia
Student Summit details
Students internationally and locally will come together in Qatar with the purpose of learning more about how to connect, communicate, collaborate and create using Web 2.0 tools. They will be encouraged to foster interactions and to use the power of the 'flat world' to take action and make a difference to the world through enhanced cultural understanding. It is expected the skills and friendships developed at the summit will be taken back to their own schools and countries and further interactions and actions planned for the future.

A number of scholarships for students and accompanying teachers are available. Our aim is to encourage participants from around the world to attend and wish to support this by providing funds to cover registration and accommodation. Students and teachers who have been past or current participants in the Flat Classroom Project will be given priority however we strongly encourage all interested applicants.

We invite teachers to apply on behalf of their students. Up to 4 students will be considered for sponsorship from each school.
Applications must be submitted by October 12, 2008. Successful applicants will be notified by October 19, 2008

More information about student and teacher scholarship opportunities is available form Julie Lindsay, Head of Information Technology and E-Learning at Qatar Academy,

The full press release is available online.

For more information about registration details, hotels and conference strands and schedule see the Flat Classroom Conference website. Contact us via email if you have any questions.
Registration Deadline: October 26, 2008.

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