Saturday, June 28, 2008

Online at LAX and enroute to NECC...musings .....

I am 'suffering' from sleep deprivation...stuck in LAX airport waiting an extra 6 hours for a flight after missing my connection from Hong Kong. Will get to San Antonio after midnight now! (I am planning any future travel sans LAX, this airport is far too stressful fo me!) Finally got a credit card to work for the T-mobile Hotspot (not very international-friendly asking for a ZIP code for day-pass sign-up, had to make one up. Also tried 3 credit cards before one worked!). So, have spent the past 2 hours reviewing blogs, catching up with bits and pieces but not really able to focus on impending presentations for over the next 5 days...need some sleep for that.

I see there is lots of activity on the NECC Ning, including more groups to join such as the K12 Online Conference, digital storytelling, and Do the LOTImotion (started by Miguel Guhlin this week). EdubloggerCon and Classroom 2.0, a full 'unconference' day at NECC is tomorrow and looking like over 150 will be there this year! Yeah! I was reading Will's blog and had a bit of fun trying out Wordle. Here are my delicious tags as a word cloud (I hit the randomize a few times until I got this many interesting choices). I see Jo McLeay on her blog has also shared a Wordle as well as thoughts re her trip to NECC. I am really looking forward to seeing Jo again, and the other Aussie contingents!

Also, heads up on the announcement re the K12 Online Conference and Keynote speakers. Vicki Davis and I are delighted and honoured to be part of the keynote group! We will literally have our heads together over the next 2 weeks as we workshop at NECC and St Louis (spaces still available!!) and plan our keynote for 'Kicking it up a notch' in October.

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