Wednesday, March 05, 2008

ASB Unplugged: Meet Dr Scott McLeod

Over the past weekend a team of four teachers (myself and 3 colleagues) from Qatar Academy attended a regional conference aimed at promoting 21st century learning and 1:1 computing. Called ASB Unplugged it was held at the American School of Bombay, in Mumbai India. It was attended by over 90 teachers and administrators from international schools from Europe, Middle East and Asia, with a sprinkling of attendees from the USA, including representatives from the Laptop Institute. The Keynote speakers and workshops, along with lots of other information can be found on the conference website.

I was delighted to meet the keynote speaker, Dr Scott McLeod Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Educational Administration Program at Iowa State University, for the first time face-to-face and managed to record a short podcast with him. Scott is a specialist on K-12 educational technology leadership issues and he blogs about leadership to try and inspire administrators to take an active role in moving schools towards 21st century learning modes. I have been reading Scott's blog, Dangerously Irrelevant, almost since it's inception in August 2006. I am sure also that readers of this blog are very familiar with Scott's co-creation of the 'viral video' Did You Know?

Scott McLeod at ASB Unplugged
Scott McLeod at ASB Unplugged 2008
Presenting, 'Planning and Managing Change'

In the embedded podcast Scott and I chat about the ASB Unplugged conference, about the history of Did You Know? 2.0; he also shares the Moving Forward wiki resource (resources designed to help presenters move their communities forward into the 21st century) and talks about the importance of shifting educators and leaders to embrace educational technology as an essential part of teaching and learning.

It was a real pleasure and an excellent experience to meet such a professional, down-to-earth and concerned educator. I hope you enjoyed listening to my chat with Scott. Thanks Scott!

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Shabbi said...

Thanks, Julie, for sharing this conversation with Scott. I like your Moving Forward wiki. Wish we had had more time to have you share your expertise, resources and ideas with everyone at the conference. Next year . . . we'll organize this with more interactive cross-school sharing sessions.

Julie Lindsay said...

Shabbi, thank YOU for your hard work and inspiration. I also have the podcast I did with you when you talked about the admin retreat ideas. Will post this to my blog soon as well.
Yes, there can be time for sharing and extending cross-school, however my team and I found the conference fantastic in its scope, breadth and ability to provide lots to think about and talk about as we move to 1:1 computing.
Thanks again!