Saturday, February 23, 2008

Social/Professional Networks: Participating and Navigating

Are you still a little unsure what this 'Ning thing' is all about? As part of the Web 2.0 video tutorials created by Vicki Davis that are available on Atomic Learning there are two that you should watch:
- #12 Participating in social networks
- #13 Navigating a social network website (this uses EdubloggerWorld as an example)

Also, are you ready to join more networks? Here are some you may be interested in:
- Classroom 2.0
- The Global Cooling Collective
- Edubloggerwold
- Coming of Age
- Digital Citizenship
- Stop Cyberbullying
- Voices of the World
- Teacher Librarian Network
- The Global Education Collaborative

Or, if you don't find anything that fits your needs, start your own Ning!

At Qatar Academy we started a Ning recently and we now have nearly 100 members from the school and extended community. We discussed whether we should close it just to our community but the feeling was it would create more interest if it was open and other educators came in to interact with us. So, we have a handful of interested international participants who are willing to learn with us. Some of them are already fully involved in the Web 2.0 world, some are islands withing their own school and have joined our Ning in order to have somewhere to go.

I invite readers of this blog to have a look at the power of the Ning through the E-Learning 4 Life example at Qatar Academy. Come on in if you want!

Visit E-Learning For Life

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Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher said...

This is a great overview and I love the model you are using at your academy. I sent this through delicious.

Julie Lindsay said...

Vicki, thanks for joining our Ning as well! yes, I am so pleased the momentum on the Ning is being sustained

Diane, I will blog re the Passion Quilt this week..thanks for including me!

Suzie Boss said...

Hi Julie,
You're doing a great service by sharing this model for professional learning. Now other communities of educators can learn from Qatar Academy's excellent example. Thanks for the invite!

Anonymous said...
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Ernesto Ibáñez said...

Great overview and I love the model you are using at your Academy. Excellent blog, Congrats to the Web Master, nice colors and text.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge. God bless you.

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