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Horizon Project 2008: We have started, come and join us!

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Our first information session for the Horizon Project was held in Elluminate 2 days ago. A keen group of international educators came in to discuss how we can make this a fantastic project for everyone. Thanks to the record function in Elluminate you can watch and listen to the recording of the meet-up almost as if you were there.
Thanks to
Alan Levine from the New Media Consortium for being with us and talking about the development and aims of the Horizon Report. The press release for the Horizon Report 2008 release gives full details. Also, there are many opportunities for educators to engage with the process Horizon Report via the NMC.

From the press release webpage-
"According to EDUCAUSE President Diana Oblinger, “The Horizon Report helps all of us put emerging technologies in perspective—what might be useful, what might be further in the future—and links it to learning. The examples illustrate that all this is very real. The report also raises important issues about the implications of technology—and perhaps some of our assumptions about learning.”"

and -
"In defining the six selected areas for 2008—grassroots video, collaboration webs, mobile broadband, data mashups, collective intelligence, and social operating systems—the project draws on an ongoing discussion among knowledgeable individuals in business, industry, and education, as well as published resources, current research and practice, and the expertise of the NMC and ELI communities. The Horizon Project’s Advisory Board probes current trends and challenges in higher education, explores possible topics for the report, and ultimately selects the technologies to be profiled."

Vicki Davis and I were honored to be on the Advisory Board and to contribute ideas and practices for the secondary school level of education.

I was most interested also to hear Alan Levine speak about the plans for a more international Horizon Report, one that is not so US-centric. I also encourage you to read Alan's blog following the release of the Horizon Report as it has links to a video of the release and audio files introducing the 6 emerging trends. It looks like they had a lot of fun using Second Life to present the material!

Download the 2008 Horizon Report

So, what can you do to be involved in the Horizon Project 2008?
There are many ways that educators can be involved with this project - See the Horizon Project 2007 wiki for last years project details.
  • As a participating classroom - we are looking for international classrooms
  • As a peer review classroom
  • As an advisor/expert for one of the emerging trends
  • As a judge for the multimedia artifacts
  • As a researcher
Please contact us with your ideas for participation. There will also be a classroom/teacher application form available next week for those who want to bring their students in as participants. This is going to be an exciting event in education internationally!

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