Saturday, September 15, 2007

Animato experiment

This is a bit of fun. allows you to string together images, add music and create a 30 second video for free. You can also pay $30 and create unlimited 10mb videos for a year.
This has interesting potential for a Web 2.0 classroom.

Here is a modest example I created with images from Qatar.


pete whitfield said...

Yes, I found this the other day and had a go - really cool. Definitely a useful presentation tool. It demonstrates the power of video; images and music alone don't communicate like video. It will make a good first step into making video for learners (pre - iMovie maybe) to motivate them into exploring more. The sound track could be spoken word, though I think you have to accept that it is not possible to sync images and narration as you might wish to.

Anonymous said...
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