Sunday, June 24, 2007

Edubloggercon Session 2: Future Schools

Host: David Warlick

What have you seen in schools that is Web 2.0?
  • Using wikis as a centralising and organising force
  • pooling resources and enhancing communication
  • using tools to support fundamental literacies: communicating
  • Building momentum towards a different kind of learning environment
  • Inter-cultural and global connections important
Building on connections: a stronger university and K-12 school connection
Leaders who help teachers lead into that area of creativity

Every kid with an IEP that addresses their learning styles: the long tail

School of the future concentrates on learning and student passion

Project based learning and learning about learning

What is a 'smart' classroom? Constructivist, role of the teacher changing

What is Assessment 2.0 look like?
  • Assessment for learning: formative see Stiggins
  • Technology not integrated but integral
  • Use of rubric based assessment
  • use of peer assessment
  • Transparency of the learning process
  • making everyone accountable: teachers and students
  • social networking becomes student networking as a professional environment
Learner of the future descriptive works (an abridged list): reflective, self-directed, international, global, inquirer, creative, connected, intuitive, playful

Teacher of the future: we don't need a separate list? willing to learn from student, open risk-taker, champion, be continued

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