Saturday, June 23, 2007

Edubloggercon session 1: Expanding the Circle

Edubloggercon Session 1: Expanding the Circle
Chair: Steve Hargadon

Blogging is:
  • An historical moment
  • Cultural significance
  • Like Open Source SW: we know we have already 'won' and that blogging is here to stay!
Use of Classroom 2.0: helping educators get into the Web 2.0 world

Barriers created through misconceptions about what blogging and We 2.0 is.
Why don't educators blog? Lack of time, misconceptions about what blogging is and can do.
Fear of writing is an issue: lack of confidence.
Issues with teacher philosophy and pedagogy
Ning: provides a visual, snappy look and you can bring your 'junk' (pictures, music, videos)
There is a responsibility to maintain a blog (?)
Has to be a combination of top-down and grass roots.

  • Go for the 'heart': our students need this!
  • Aim to educate administrators
  • Need to move towards a more student-centred approach to teaching
  • Focus on life-long learning
  • Focus on the practice of reflective writing
  • Good instructional design needs to be embedded to enhance the experience
  • Creating a resource using existing practices
  • There are a lot of audiences here: teachers, students, administrators, parents
  • Web 2.0 is far-reaching

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