Sunday, March 04, 2007

NECC 'Birds of a Feather' fly on a Wiki

Well, here's one for the birds......I mean books. The NECC07 conference to be held in Atlanta June 24-27 this year has just announced their 'Birds of a Feather' session planning details, and they are on a wiki!
The homepage states: Birds-of-a-Feather (Birds) sessions provide opportunities for NECC attendees to engage in discussions about topics of interest. (They are not presentations.) There are two time slots for Birds sessions at NECC 2007:
  • Monday, June 25, from 4:45 to 6:15 pm
  • Tuesday, June 26, from 4:45 to 6:15 pm
This is so good! Thanks goes to Anita McAnear and the NECC planning committee. The wiki allows readers to contribute ideas for, amongst others, 'Birds I'd like to attend', 'Birds topics I'd like to offer', 'Requests for meeting spaces'. Concurrently with the Birds sessions are the ISTE Special Interest Groups (SIGs) business meetings.

Already on the wiki are offers from Terry Freedman for COA 2nd edition and Women of Web 2.0 as well as Bernie Dodge webquest users and shakers, Open source and online tools users, technology integration etc, etc.

The facility of the wiki provides an interactive venue for interested participants to contribute ideas and discuss options prior to the final program for Birds being finalised. I encourage readers of this blog to view the Birds of a Feather wiki to see how collaboration can be facilitated using a Web 2.0 tool and if you are attending NECC07 take a closer look at what you may want to attend/suggest/host for one of the Birds of a Feather sessions.

The time line is:
March 1–15: Contribute/brainstorm topics and requests for meeting space
March 16–30: Evaluate topics and potential interest, formulate collaborations
April 4: Announce list of accepted topics and moderators
Ongoing: Planning of Birds
June 25–27: Posting of results
Post NECC: Hosting of results

My main problem: How will I choose which sessions to go to???

Photo credit: August 20, 2005

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Cheryloakes50 said...

NECC is just going to ROCK this year!