Thursday, March 15, 2007

Meet me in Dusseldorf at ECIS IT 07

Get Wired, Get Webbed, Get With IT is the theme of the conference I will be attending and presenting at in Düsseldorf one week from today!

This year the ECIS IT conference is held at the International School Düsseldorf (ISD) in Germany and organised by the ECIS IT team. ECIS stands for European Council of International Schools.

From the ECIS 'About us' web page it states that:
"As an international school membership organization, the European Council of International Schools provides services to support professi onal development, curriculum and instruction, leadership and good governance in international schools located in Europe and around the world. ECIS creates opportunities for education and dialogue, encourages alliances with other organizations, and acts as a catalyst for the advancement of international education. ECIS schools are committed to the promotion of an international outlook amongst all members o f t heir communities."

One connection I have with ECIS is that my school in Bangladesh, International School Dhaka (the other ISD), is an accredited member. In fact, as part of my job over the past 4 years, I have been working on accreditation committees to document and have accredited our academic program, amongst other criteria.

The conference program shows an excellent variety of topics and reflects the needs of educators in general as well as providing for more specific IT Management sessions. Not only are there great presentations but there is a complete social program organised by Pat D'Arcy from ISD. This includes touring Düsseldorf, taking a river dinner cruise and a social evening with live musicians (I think a lot of these will in fact be conference attendees...I have heard rumour of some excellent Irish music to be performed!).

My presentations (yes, for some reason I have offered to do more than one....??) include 'Wikis that Work', 'Using Web 2.0 to develop a PLE' and a co-presentation on 'Podcasting in the classroom: Tools and Techniques' with Chris Chater from the American School of Paris. You will find details and links for my presentations on my new wiki......when I finish it all this weekend. Meanwhile you may like to dip into the new conference blog Chris has set up, or check on conference blog posts and images through the conference HitchHikr page (thanks David for setting this up today for us).

So, if you are coming to Düsseldorf I really look forward to meeting you and this is going to be a great conference!
I love conferences, the synergy, the interaction, the sharing of ideas, the growth, the new friends.......

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Anonymous said...

It sounds great Lindsay - I wish I could go! I used to go every year when I worked in Munich and they were always great! You'll just have to keep those of us that can't attend updated here ;)