Thursday, November 02, 2006

My K12 Online Conference Presentation

My presentation "The 21st Century Educator's Toolbox: Developing a Professional Learning Environment" is now online!! It is dinner time here in Dhaka, I have rushed home from school to spend another 2 hours on the wiki...still so much to do for the actual learning environment and digital portfolio bits, but I feel happy now that there is a variety of resources and ideas for participants in my actual presentation pages.

My presentation introduction can be found on the K12onlineconference blog HERE
A direct link to the video to supplement the presentation is HERE
The actual presentation material is on my wiki HERE

OK, now for some explanations and thankyous. First of all, thank you to Faruk the rickshaw walla who was very sweet and also very amused at our antics the other day in the street creating the first part of the video. I was so nervous, and for some reason there was unexpected loud traffic in the street that the effect was not quite what I wanted.....however it was a bit of fun.
Just to remind you of the basic facts [has the learning started yet? ;-)] I discussed in the video:
  • Bangladesh (called East Pakistan then) gained it's independence from West Pakistan in 1971
  • Population of Bangladesh is about 140 million
  • Bangladesh is surrounded by India and Myanmar. Here is a location map.
  • The outfit I was wearing is called a salwar kameez. I think I got this the wrong way around in the video. The kameez is the long dress-like tunic; the salwar (pronounced shall-wah) is the baggy trousers; the scarf/shawl is called a dupatta
  • Also, I do not normally look that short and dumpy. The software distorted the picture when I had to rotate the image and I have not worked out how to fix this yet!
Please leave me an audio message on my Vaestro E-Learning channel with your comments and suggestions for developing a Professional Learning Environment. To do this listen, to my Greetings K12 online conference post and reply to it. All you need is a microphone.


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mrichme said...


Thank you for a post that gave me an organization method to focus some of my professional development opportunities. I do have a question for you, how do you feel a tool like Suprglu would be as a substitute for a eportfolio?