Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Birthday eLearning Blog!

Today is the first birthday of my E-Learning Blog! September 5 last year (2005) I made the first tentative posting to this blog and ventured into the world of the global conversation. Since then the number of postings has been 57, just over one on average per week. Of course the NECC06 conference in July helped raise this average a little. I have been interested to read a number of regular blogs recently that have also had their first birthday.....but it is late tonight I am too tired to start searching for some names. If you have turned 'one' in the past month or are about to have your first blog birthday, please drop a comment to this posting and we can celebrate 12 months of using this online medium together.

How I have grown in 1 year! This blog started as a means of communicating directly with my school collegues and highlighting activities to do with staff and students. However, it has evolved now into something far more personal and, dare I say intense from my point of view. I am not trying to please my immediate collegues by letting them co-post with me. This is my blog and my research and considered comments.

There was a spate of 'my top 10 posts' a few months ago and I did enjoy reading David Warlick's top 10, Jeff Utecht's top 7, and Vicki Davis's top 10 amongst others for the 0506 academic year.

OK, better late than never, and only having 57 to choose from I may not reach 10 but here goes:

1. Social Networking in the Classroom: Learning by Stealth
2. I Do Not Want to Fix Computers!
3. Nicholas the Great!
4. Tourist or Resident: A Perspective on Teaching
5. Technoconstructivism and Disruptive Technologies
6. Why Handheld Computers?
7. Go Digital
8. The Digital Divide: Impact on Education
9. Supporting Literacy with Technology
10. Digital Literacy: The discussion continues

Well I made 10! Happy birthday E-Learning blog. Crawling, almost walking and looking forward to what developments the next 12 months will bring. Thanks to all supportive fellow bloggers for your comments and encouragement.

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