Friday, June 09, 2006

Top 10 Favourite Ed Tech Blogs?

According to the ISTE SIG newsletter I received today via email (subscribers only) the Top 10 Favourite Ed Tech blogs for June 2006 are:

I am always pleased to be able to explore new blogs, particularly ed tech teachers and participants in the evolving paradigm of eLearning and digital literacy. I was also pleased to see that I already knew of and in fact subscribe to some of he above list, but by no means all. My question is where did this list come from? Is it an arbitrary list compiled for the newsletter or was it created through an educator vote?

Through the above list I have Bob Irving's 'Shiftin' Paradigm Blues: Notes from the trenches...a Middle School tech coordinators ramblings' to my bloglines. I see I am only the fifth person to subscribe to his blog...there goes the theory about popularity vote? However, I do look forward to reading his occassional postings and may have found another soulmate in the digital world.

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