Friday, June 09, 2006

International Collaboration: Bangladesh to Australia

What started as individual weblog programs in two different schools in different global hemispheres has developed into an ongoing collaboration that has recently earned international recognition.

International School Dhaka, Bangladesh (Julie Lindsay, me and my school)
and Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne Australia (John Turner) have united for the second year to develop online interactive student projects. The projects have centred around two areas:
  • A Sense of Place: students post photos/images online with descriptive passages describing how these provide them with a sense of place for where they live, go to school etc., comments are encouraged from students at the other school
  • Online Debate: A fomal debate following agreed guidelines with adjudicators from each school. In 2005 this consisted of students posting text-based comments. This year (still to be completed) it has been expanded into vodcasts and podcasts with text also remaining. The topic this year is "School students can use the web to change the world"
We welcome viewers to our collaboration pages. This year we have a portal at Bangladesh to Australia weblog. Also the current debate material can be accessed from Burwood to Dhaka weblog and the ITGS Forum blog posting.

Also, we were all pleased to hear that we have been recognised in the 2006 SIGTEL Online Learning Awards with a Highly Commended for our
Bangladesh to Australia: Cross Cultural Learning via Online Collaboration entry.

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