Thursday, June 29, 2006

eLearning Break?

It is pre NECC06 and my family and I are in Mexico....Baja California at the Rosarito Beach Hotel taking a much needed respite from Bangladesh and trying to emerge from the end of year fatigue coupled with ongoing jet lag! I didn't touch a computer for 4 days....but have now found by stealth the hotel has an excellent wireless connection in the Lobby! OK, a few hours later I am still trying to finish the online content of my Podcast Bangladesh presentation and catch up with the global conversation. I am really looking forward to the prospect of meeting international educators and bloggers and podcasters again this year. Skimming blogs this afternoon I found Mark van 't Hooft and his Ubiquitous Thoughts blog also looking forward to what NECC will bring including handheld sessions. Mark is the chair of SIGHC and a great promoter of mobile and ubiquitous computing.

For international attendess to NECC don't forget the International Attendees Reception on Tuesday July 4 from 4-5.30. I will be there! along with many other educators who want to discuss collaborative opportunities.

How does one take a break from eLearning and the blogosphere?
I think it is a matter of balance....I am still searching for this balance and know I need to recharge and take stock in order to get through another year of international teaching. Meanwhile, the world is an email and an RSS aggregate away and here in Rosarito the sun is shining........

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