Friday, June 16, 2006

Defining my NECC program!

As well as trying to define my own presentation (eluding me in final form still) I am scanning and skimming the online NECC06 program and adding essential items to my conference planner. The statisitcs of this conference are intimidationg. Did you know there are 13 Concurrent sessions time slots (one-hour each) with 25 different presentations happening at each time .......that adds up to (3 5's are 15, carry the one....) 325 presentations just for this one category. Then there are keynotes, workshops, posters, global gallery, SIG meetings, rountable sessions etc....and the trade hall!

I would consider myself an experienced NECC attendee now (coming up for my 4th conference) though definately not entrenched
. A word of advice to new comers, try to focus on what is important to you. Make a preliminary plan and pencil in the essential sessions you need and then decide the day before on how to fill in the extra space. You will find that your focus tends to wander and you become attracted to sessions that may not have looked inviting from the online/hard copy blurb.

What is important to me? What are my objectives?
Coming from a 'hit the ground running' year here at ISD and looking forward to another year the same I have some specific objectives and things to find out at the conference.
  • Tablet PCs: we are looking to pilot Tablet PC technology to enhace our laptop program
  • Handhelds and ubiquitous computing: our handheld program has endured another year but needs reinforcement in terms of valid curriculum goals (podcasting is starting to do this)
  • Student learning environment: I need to explore software so we can decide what to use for learning management, including developing an alternative environment for presenting student digital portfolios. Moodle looks good, what about ELGG? (cannot find this through the NECC search)
What will I be attending?:
  • My own presentation Podcast Bangladesh where I aim to share our podcasting pursuits at International School Dhaka (This is on Wednesday 5th at 8.30. A special invitation to all who read this blog)
  • International Committee meeting. As a member of the ISTE International Committee I look forward to meeting other members f2f again this year and discussing development of ISTE as a truly internationally focussed organisation
  • International Attendees Reception. For all international attendees to meet and mingle. (4pm Tuesday 4th)
  • Kids Club....Oops this is for my daughter, what a great time she is going to have over the 3 main conference days with cultural and leisure activites in different locations around San Diego
  • Open Source Portal by Sharon Betts (re Moodle and eLearning) Wed 3.30
  • Nicholas Negroponte Keynote address: Not to be missed. Founder of the MIT media Lab and $100 laptop guru, and author of Being Digital. Thursday 8.45
  • A Web of Connections by Will Richardson Spotlight session Thurs. 3.30
  • Technology Leadership Forum Friday 8-12 Hosted by SIGTC and SIG Admin
OK, that's enough for today but I still have a lot of decisions to make and spare time to fill in...did I mention the SIGTC and SIGHC business meetings?

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