Monday, September 05, 2005

eLearning at ISD

Welcome to the International School Dhaka eLearning blog. This blog exists to share ideas about eLearning and technology integration in education, particularly amongst the members of the ISD community.

To get started, let's recap what eLearning experiences we have had at ISD so far this academic year.
  1. Introduction for new staff to recent technology initiatives and eLearning resources including weblogs and handheld and laptop programs.
  2. Approaches to eLearning workshops for all students looking at our new Squirrelmail email system, and Noodletools
  3. Handhelds in Education 101 certificate course delivered over 3 after school sessions where new and former staff were introduced to handheld technology and how to use it as an organisational and curriculum tool in the classroom.

What else has happened in the past two weeks?

  • 50 new PC's have arrived and are being expertly deployed by our technical support staff in the Elementary Lab and Library so far.
  • Over 30 new Palms have arrived at the school for students and staff. We now have over 140 handhelds in the Grade 6, 7 and 8 program.
  • New software has arrived: those who ordered applications and CD's can come and check what is here and start evaluating its use with the students
  • New laptops have not arrived yet...........

Links of the week:

  • Check this out 20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have from THE online Magazine. Great links to a variety of resources to do with a number of essential eLearning applications
  • Handheld online PD. If you are ready for taking on more handheld staff development have a look at the k12 handhelds online courses. Good value for money and totally online so you can work through at your own pace. Come and see me about these if you are interested for school funding.

Guest Columnist
'Brendan Says'
Why not save important emails to your palm using "Documents to go". In squirrelmail, when you read an email, you are given the option of saving an email in txt format. Save this to your computer then insert it in "Documents to Go". Then Hotsync and in it goes. This will allow you to directly reference emails when in heated argument with colleagues...i.e. "Thats not what you said in your email....which I happen to have here...!!!"
Brendan McGibbon

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