Sunday, July 26, 2015

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Global Adventures at ISTE 2015

Once again - the 13th year in a row - I made the trip across the Pacific to attend the International Society for Technology in Education conference - this year in Philadelphia again.

With about 20,000 people attending ISTE 2015 was its usual hectic and inspiring event. This year I went with the role and associated duties of Global Collaboration PLN President. I also ran a workshop, and co-presented a Global Poster and a presentation....amongst other things. One of the highlights was the Global Education day organised by Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon where 300+ educators came together for the afternoon to explore global connections and collaborations. In addition I was able to talk to many about the book I am writing called The Global Educator and am madly finishing this off now (deadline pending!).

Here are some pics and further highlights ISTE 2015......

See my random pics and screenshots from ISTE 2015 on Flickr

A big thank you to members of the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN for their hard work - running the Community Networking fair session, the Birds of a Feather gathering and our brief 'team' meeting to collect thoughts about goals for the coming year. More updates coming soon.


Congratulations to Pernille Ripp - Award winner ISTE Global Collaboration PLN for her Global Read Aloud project.


Thanks to Ann Michaelsen for co-presenting the global poster session!

Great work by Tina, Betsye and Barbara for global presentation!

My Ignite Presentation at Global Education day
"Putting the 'global' into online collaboration"
Putting the 'global' into online collaboration from Julie Lindsay

Norms of Online Global Collaboration
Eight Norms of Online Global Collaboration to support global collaborative educators and students.  

Thoughts about ISTE2016.....

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Global Education Highlights (weekly)

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

#EduTECHAU - Online collaborative learning at Ormiston College

This week I am in Brisbane for the @EduTech_AU (EduTECHAU) conference. It makes a change to have such a large and reputable event less than a 2-hour drive from home (no flights!). I am most curious about this event as there is a lot of buzz, thousands of Australian educators and many well-known international speakers coming in. I am not speaking, but have been invited on by Microsoft to interact and be a vocal participant in round table events.

Yesterday a small group of us gathered at Ormiston College for a school visit - EduTECH Media Tour. (Because I am here with a 'media' label I have been asked on more than one occasion what I know about education - I am handing out business cards to provide context). The program organised by leaders at Ormiston was most impressive. We visited classes in Year 1, 5, 8 and then a student showcase. We had teacher 'ignite' talks and then a staff panel to answer our questions. The latter showcase and staff activities were held in the most beautiful 'Learning Innovation Centre' (LIC) (re-designed library space) where facilities are provided for small group, large group, private and more public gatherings - all supported by access to screens, audio, white boards etc.


 Ormiston, a K-12 non-denominational Christian ethos school with about 1300 students is led by Brett Webster who has a passion for learning enabled technology and a vision for the school that supports many initiatives across the curriculum. The Dean for E-Learning, Tamara Sullivan (@t_amarasullivan) is confidently vocal about what teachers are doing to embrace 21C teaching and learning through online collaboration.

So, briefly this is what I saw.....
Year 1: Building bridges in Minecraft
Students collaborating via Minecraft to build landmarks and then using this for creative writing. This student below, Bo, was very passionate about his bridge and pointed to his friends in MC with him - and they help each other to complete the project.

Year 5: Extension Maths using Office Mix
This small group were 'fishing for feedback' on their work, using the features of Office Mix to provide text and audio-based peer feedback.
Year 8: Science class using OneNote Class Notebook
This class were collaborating on a science problem - the volume of a particular cube, and working in real teams to collect data then share this via a collaborative online space (OneNote). The girls I spoke to were able to clearly articulate what they were doing and how the technology supported this learning process and were also very enthusiastic about having access to laptops and online spaces bith from school and from home.

Teacher presentations
Ormiston provides resources and funding for innovation in learning, and teachers leading this shared their work with us. This included new approaches to professional development (anywhere, anytime, blended); using Yammer to develop a community of practice amongst the staff; and using Office 365 and Mosaic for staff collaboration. The term '21st century learning and teaching' was used a lot....the leader of the LIC used the term 'social capitol' and shared how teachers are now coming on board with social learning within the school - sharing, supporting, being visible and modeling this in their own learning so that it can more naturally be 'transferred' to the students.

Student showcases
I was most impressed that many students had taken the time to share their use of technology to support learning. The one showcase that stood out for me was Grade 12 students sharing how they used Skype for Business for accelerated learning in mathematics. Every Monday evening they had been meeting their teacher online and subsequently were now ahead in the course and could consider extension activities (eg a local university course etc.).

Overall the work being done at Ormiston is showing us that effective and reliable technologies do support online collaborative learning. Platforms have been set up, students have public and private spaces to work alone and in collaboration, they are connected with each other and the teachers online and co-creation, peer-review and problem-solving are effectively documented and shared.

It is early days yet for Ormiston College in terms of online collaborative learning, and my question to the panel about conversations for taking the learning more global showed this has not been a real focus yet, as with the use of social media or probably other Web 2.0 tools that can provide choices and freedoms for further sharing and collaboration within and beyond the school. However, the community building taking place and the digital fluency that is being built amongst all learners is commendable and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see the school in action.

Heading to day 1 Edutech now.......